Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison?

(I don’t think so, you Hammerhead)

by Alan Graham

Subject: Fwd: Article: Is coconut oil good for you or ‘pure poison’? Here are the facts

Alan, I know you’ve written about this in the past but I was wondering if there is anything new here?

As far as I can tell the reason’s boil down to the fact that solid Saturated Fat (SatFat) is high in Butter & really-really high in Coconut-oil…….OK, so freaking what???

This is the same tired old crap, that SatFat is bad and unsaturated POLY-oil is good for you – when it is the exact opposite.

Poly food-oils like corn, soy & Canola are toxic because they have to be RBDed (refined, bleached, deodorized) to remove the rancid smell after pressing but Mono food-oils like olive & avocado DO NOT have to be refined & deodorized.

Poly oils have to be RBDed because they turn rancid from the heat of being ‘pressed’ thus creating the toxin, Lipid Peroxide …Mono oils don’t turn rancid because they don’t have that pesky “unpaired Electron” like the poly-oil Crap.

We evolved for half a million years with a diet that was easily 70% satfat (both plant & animal)….the same 5 to 7 saturated fatty-acids like found in butter & plants like ccnuts. Read the following two paper and it will explain everything AV #001 · Big Believable Lies #1, “Butter is Bad” AV #025 · Big Believable Lies #9, “Saturated” Coconut Oil Fat is Evil

For millennia our liver has loved & used plant & animal UNDAMAGED & NON-OXIDIZED satfat for virtually every “Fat-Job” in your body.

However, it is Sooo easy to make satfat look bad….I’ve written volumes on the subject. All you have to do is feed a person lots of SatFat that WILL hurt them….like damaged fat & oxidized cholesterol in burnt, over-processed meat, highly denatured meat (beef-jerky), processed damaged fat in every damn thing & deep fried breaded chicken …. then give them lots of Twinkies for desert & a BIG glass of nice sweet Orang-juice for breakfast.

Inflammation is what causes calcium, Poly-oil & cholesterol to stick to your arteries…..inflammation is caused by sugar-fructose, soy, corn & wheat – NOT undamaged satfat like butter & ccnut-oil or Mono-oils (like olive-oil).

BTW – the calcium & Poly-oil sticking to your arteries is trying to kill you…the tiny bit of Cholesterol that sticks is trying to help you (repairing the damage). AND, remember – ‘Hardening of the Arteries’ is “hardening” because of calcium, NOT cholesterol.

There are three reasons this lie gets recycled every 2 or 3 years :

1).. People that use Butter & Coconut-oil, don’t use toxic Margarine & Crisco…both being pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil).

2).. The lie is easy to perpetuate because it makes perfect sense to brain-dead individuals…this is because you can’t easily push butter or solid coconut oil though a straw (to simulate your artery) but beautiful golden Corn Oil flows right through, keeping your veins clean & healthy. OK, raise your hand if you are stupid enough to believe that this is the way Fatty-Acid Chemistry works.

3).. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money…..our economy is wrapped up in the products of our vast, fruited plains…wheat, soy, corn & rapeseed (Canola)………..bread, cereal, pasta & “Fake-Fat” rule the world. So if you tell people those are the things that cause heart disease (not UNDAMAGED satfat from butter or coconut-oil) then there is economic chaos.

And then they would have to ‘cop’ to the fact that they have been lying to us for 50 years because of money.


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