LTR #017


… or, “Sally Field! … Say It Ain’t So!”

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

Osteoporosis is a disease of bone disintegration occurring when the components for bone maintenance don’t occur in the diet or are not used by the body. It’s what happened to grandma, that pathetic old woman bent over double in a wheelchair with the Quasimodoian hump in her ruined back. It is what Sally Field, new front-woman for Boniva, is trying to avoid, herself, presumably…

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LTR #016

20/20 Bowel Disease!

… or, how Crohn’s can improve your eyesight!

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

(Corrected: 12 June, 2007)

At about the age of 40 I had to get my first pair of bifocals, even if only the tiny bottom piece provided a minimally required correction. This was an unsettling development after having better than 20/20 vision (actually better than 20/15) most of my 22 years as a prototypical, if self-styled, “Steely-eyed”, Night-Vision enhanced, Combat-tested Army Helicopter Pilot… well…

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20/20 Bowel Disease!”

LTR #015

“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: Part Three

… or, “Abuse, Manipulation, and Juice”!

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

previously to this newsletter:

LTR #012 · “New Food Pyramid”: The Big “FAT” Lie!
LTR #013 · “New Food Pyramid”: Part Duex …

It’s like a health mantra: “DRINK JUICE & EAT LOTS of FRUITS & VEGGIES”…right? Well, not so fast little Buddy. This ubiquitous motherly advise, when said correctly, no longer rolls off the tongue so easily …Moms (who usually know what they’re taking about?) should, instead, say something a little more in-depth, like:

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“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: Part Three”

LTR #013

“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: Part Duex

… or, Eric Cartman’s “Breakfast of Champions”

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

(Updated: October 6, 2008)

I think we showed last time …(LTR #012 · “New Food Pyramid”: The Big “FAT” Lie! or at… that the numerous lies concerning fats and oils prove beyond doubt that the New Food Pyramid (NFP) is “in the tank” for several powerful organizations. The NFP stands already exposed…

Not surprisingly, these insults to the foundation of individual health are continued with regard to the remaining “Pyramid” categories.

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“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: Part Duex”

LTR #012

“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: The Big “FAT” Lie!

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

(Updated: October 5, 2008)

The “New Food Pyramid” (NFP) is a corporate driven lie that is not about keeping you, remotely healthy, reader… It couldn’t be!

On the contrary! The objective, as these corporate interests would have it, is for us to continue following the same stupid dietary rules that got us in this mess endured in the first place. Misleadingly, they prosecute their objective with cleverly worded half truths, gross obfuscations, lies of omission, and sweeping generalizations.

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“(N)ew (F)ood (P)yramid”: The Big “FAT” Lie!”

LTR #011

Low Thyroid — Another “Corporate Greed” Disease

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

(Updated: October 4, 2008)

Another egregious medical irony imposes itself. Hypothryroidism was discovered in the 1800’s and was generally a result of iodine deficiency. Now; however, even with our better understanding of the causes of low thyroid and even with the advent of iodized salt… the irony exists that iodine deficiency is once again on the rise and that low thyroid is worse than ever!

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Low Thyroid — Another “Corporate Greed” Disease”

LTR #010

Politics, Kick-Backs, and Harmful Pharms!

(… or, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money)

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

(Updated: October 4, 2008)

We live in dangerous and accelerating times, reader. But because of an expanding internet let too soon out of invention’s box (in the view of some), our out-of-control access to unfiltered information can make us abundantly aware of that accelerating danger… perhaps even provide a buffer against it… a preparation for it.

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Politics, Kick-Backs, and Harmful Pharms!”