LTR #041

Dr. Gott’s Dieticians & Sea Salt Lies

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

“Doctor” Gott, the famous newspaper Medical-Advise guy, is at it again, this time regarding the “Sea Salt vs. Table Salt” issue. True to form he proves, afresh, that there is no “tank” too deep, dark, or slimy for him to stay out of… you know, him generally being “In The Tank” for every sociopathic corporate industry maintaining the current unhealthful status quo. …And hey, don’t get me wrong… I love big Corporations! They can create jobs and enrich our quality of life. Still, it remains! Many corporations are morally and ethically bankrupt, N’est ce pas?

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Dr. Gott’s Dieticians & Sea Salt Lies”

LTR #038

Antacids for Bad-Breath?!?

Zorba Paster Outrage #1060-6b/6

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

OK. Believe it or not? I don’t make up this craziness. This is extreme.

My favorite “Completely-in-the-Tank” medical celeb, NPR’s Doctor Zorba Paster, said something on his call-in show that shows either his degree of torpid ignorance or the depth of his abject “tankiness”. That’s probably not a word…

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Antacids for Bad-Breath?!?”

LTR #037

Revealed! Aluminum-Fluoride Complex Insomnia

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

As folks age, many start to experience an insomnia for which medical science, apart from its plethora of toxic or addictive Pharmaceuticals, offers suspect bupkis. Unfortunately, I don’t have a really good natural remedy, either… even though there are many available, they never did much for me. Still, toward the end of this piece I’ll give you the short story on SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), Melatonin-Light Discipline, etc. & share some things you can do which might help. Again, sadly, I think these things are of likely peripheral significance & likely to help only a few.

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Revealed! Aluminum-Fluoride Complex Insomnia”