LTR #047

Protein for Vegetarians & the “Beans & Rice” Myth

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

Before I make some “Veggie-Protein” recommendations let me illustrate a common Protein misconception.

If you have ever traveled through rural Mexico or Central & South America and observed the poorer indigenous Indians/Latinos – or just watched these folks going in & out of your local Walmart – constructively do a little “racial-profiling”. Look for leathery skinned (works in the sun), Hispanic-looking, and Spanish speaking people. These are persons you would identify as migrant workers from Mexico, if forced to guess. We have many of these hard-working folks here in lower Alabama who shop where I shop “…where America shops”, reader… at Wally-World.

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Protein for Vegetarians & the “Beans & Rice” Myth”

LTR #046

Faux “Prevention” & The Cancer Industrial Complex

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

If you want to measurably assist your MD’s conventional cancer therapy by improving that therapy’s efficacy – perhaps reducing the need for same… or even prevent the original cancer altogether – yes, astonishingly – there are polarizing foods, foods apart from the same old tired LIES of a conflicted “conventional wisdom”: foods that you should avoid and foods, reader, which you should consume

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Faux “Prevention” & The Cancer Industrial Complex”

LTR #043

Sanjay Gupta is Anti-Antioxidants

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

Before I share my small amount of empirical data regarding the use of antioxidants to protect your eyes – and everything else part & parcel to a healthful quality of life – let me address the likely appointment of Dr. Sanjay Gupta as our next Surgeon General and examine his seeming bias toward antioxidants, et al.

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Sanjay Gupta is Anti-Antioxidants”

LTR #042

Dr. Zorba Hates Your Liver

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

See, NPR’s Dr. Zorba Paster, once again, puts his “ignorant hatred” on display via his syndicated radio show! It’s either that, reader, or he just refuses to say anything good about alternative therapies including natural herbs or supplements. Though, you would think he should recommend, when appropriate, foods that might help – especially when specifically asked, eh?

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Dr. Zorba Hates Your Liver”