LTR #052

My 6 Favorite FAT Lies

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

Rank individuals such as myself, apart from being negatively individualistic, are as a mote among many similarly effected motes. Individually though, still, we are at the whim and sway of powerful forces –governments, institutions, and agencies– who would serve interests seemingly not in the best interest of the individuals aforementioned. These governments, institutions, and agencies, and betraying the trust extended to them, lie with sincerity in a campaign to support the few against the many. Six of the lies told -by what is expected to be an official authority presumed to be the competent steward of a trusting public- concerns the affects and effects, good and bad, of dietary fat on the human body.

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My 6 Favorite FAT Lies”

LTR #050

Doc Wallach & Splenda From Molasses

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

There is a veritable explosion in the use of the controversial sweetener Sucralose -or Splenda- IT’S EVERYWHERE! IT’S EVERYWHERE, just like Chickenman! This is because it looks so “perfect” on paper, I suspect… no calories, tastes like sugar, and it’s cheap.

Wow, what could be the down side? Cue the tense music.

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Doc Wallach & Splenda From Molasses”

LTR #049

Peanut Butter & Jelly “Death” Sandwich

by Alan Graham with Alfred Lehmberg

You hear all the time from dieticians how a peanut butter & jelly sandwich on whole wheat is a healthful -high protein- lunch for your kids.

Yeah… well… I think that is complete crap. In fact, I think a PB & J sandwich –even with whole wheat bread- unless done correctly, is one of the most unhealthful dishes you can foist onto your kids! It’s right up there alongside kids B’fast Cereal “Sugar-Coated Sugar-POPS” with milk & more sugar… or snacky-cakes
and cheezy poofs… …and insult on top of injury? Forgetting it can turn your children into churlish losers and ready Columbine candidates, convenience for Mom is likely the main motivation for its ubiquitous consumption!

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Peanut Butter & Jelly “Death” Sandwich”