Eskimo Lumber

… or, Don’t eat the Yellow Snow!

by Alan Graham

Why are Eskimos such horny little “Nose Rubbers” well into there 80’s & even 90’s? Which actually begs the question…why do they even live to be 80 & 90 and have the lowest heart disease numbers on the planet? Well, if you answer the Eskimo-Woody question, you’ve answered both questions.

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Eskimo Lumber”


Two Homemade Drinks that Prevent Every Disease

by Alan Graham

Wow, EVERY Disease?? Yeah, that’s a pretty bold statement but one of the drinks is undoubtedly, hands-down the #1 source of Life-Giving Probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria) in all the world, so I feel safe — I’m talking about the homemade “Super-Food” Coconut-Milk Kefir. It is not only fairly cheap, it is sooo easy to make.

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Two Homemade Drinks that Prevent Every Disease”