Brain-Fuels to Avoid Dementia

(plus protect your Heart)…

by Alan Graham

Don’t tie a rope around Grandpa to keep him from wandering off…instead try a few of my favorite Brain Nutrients. This is primarily because most of these Supp’s are able to cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) and are essential for cognitive function. Also some Chelators that bind to and remove Heavy-Metals like mercury & other toxins. Of course all of these Brain-Fuels are also great for Cardiovascular health & more.

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Brain-Fuels to Avoid Dementia”


Acid/Alkaline “Myth”

by Alan Graham

Eating mostly Alkaline-Forming Foods, to avoid Osteoporosis (and Cancer), as opposed to eating Acid-Forming Foods is one topic (which we will discuss)… but having a nice healthy, very Acid pH stomach at meal time is something completely different. In fact the best way to have a healthful, slightly Alkaline “Body” pH is to eat mostly raw, unprocessed Alkaline-Forming Foods & have a VERY acid pH stomach. (pH 1 or 2, like battery-acid)…which might even require taking Stomach-Acid in a capsule (HCL with Pepsin) at mealtime, especially the older you get. In fact, 75% of folks over 50 have TOO LITTLE stomach acid.

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Acid/Alkaline “Myth””


“BB Test” for Registered Dietitians…

by Alan Graham

It was suggested I might be just a tad rough on Registered-Dietitians (RD’s) by calling them BB’s (Beelzebub-Babes). Even though I’m mostly kidding – it doesn’t alter the fact that MOST “Mainstream” RD’s are liars or they unwittingly perpetuate some really BIG lies for decades – which is almost as bad. Anyway, I have devised a simple test to see if they are truthful and/or knowledgeable. So run out and ask this simple Question to every RD you can find…then you judge their honesty & reliability.

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“BB Test” for Registered Dietitians…”