Bowel Disease

Crohn’s…. IBS….C-Diff….Candida….and about 50 other ailments

by Alan Graham

Twenty Five years ago I almost died of Crohn’s after 8 years of misery…but one day I walked into a health food store and the lady recommended Colostrum & freshly ground Flaxseed. Within 24 hours my Crohn’s was beat back 75% and for the first time in 8 years I was able to live a normal life.

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Bowel Disease”


Sweet-Potato Correction…..

by Alan Graham

Hi Al. Where do you buy your yams? I can’t find any. Thanks.

Hold the presses…after researching both yams & Sweet-potatoes (SP) several years ago I came to the conclusion that SP’s were sweeter than Yams as evidenced by how Sweet-Potato’s Glycemic-Number actually goes up as it is cooked because of Caramelization (unlike the Yam) And the general conscience was Yams were safer than SP’s for folks with diabetes.

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Sweet-Potato Correction…..”


Eat *Hi-Fat Diet* & lose Weight or…

Dr. Zorba Anecdote # 2…

by Alan Graham

During the Heart-Healthy recipe segment of his NPR radio show Dr. Zorba Pasture said to use a tablespoon of Margarine – to which, his side-kick, Tom, ask if you could substitute Butter in the recipe and to my surprise, Dr. Z very loudly screamed “NO!”….

Wow…. Irrational protest at high volume, always makes me suspect.

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Eat *Hi-Fat Diet* & lose Weight or…”