Ketogenics Diet…

by Alan Graham

Hi Al, what are your views on the Ketogenic Diet? I’ve been reading a lot lately about the pros and cons and how they relate to health long term. Some experts say a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest. It’s so confusing.

Yes, I like the Ketogenic diet…..and I’ve been on various forms of it since 1974. However, I also like the “Low-carb” diet that is sort of “right on the edge of being in Ketosis”. In the full-blown Keto diet you eat a very hi-Fat diet (which is a good thing in my opinion)…up around 60 to 70% of mostly good fats & so few carbs that your body is in a state of “Ketosis” where if you pee on a keto-stix it will turn dark purple to show you’re in Ketosis – this is where you have the greatest weight loss because you’re readily burning fat (Ketosis)

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Ketogenics Diet…”