Alan Graham

I am a retired Army Combat Helicopter Pilot with a Purple Heart & Distinguished Flying Cross from the Viet Nam War. I Went back to school and was just about to graduate Suma Cum Laude to teach high school chemistry, physics & biology when I came down with Crohn’s and spent the next 7 years slowly dying until I walked into a health food store & the rest is history… I cured my “Incurable Disease” (Crohn’s) and over the next 15 years became a self taught holistic nutritional advisor (always free advise).

I don’t sell anything – I don’t answer to anyone and I don’t waste my time giving references or trying to justify my assertions… there are a million highly educated doctors that will be glad to lie to you all day long because they have a financial Axe to grind. People try to get me to sell or indorse stuff all the time for money – I never do. So I have no reason to ever lie to anyone.