“In the Beginning” there was Lucy & SatFat but No Canola-Oil…

by Alan Graham

The following is History not Religion….

Have you heard Canola Oil’s latest radio commercial? It starts out sounding like a PSA about the 3 major food groups but is really just another Canola ad that is designed to confuse you with lies & half-truths.

The narrator says that fats are important – so use good fats like Canola Oil because it has….

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“In the Beginning” there was Lucy & SatFat but No Canola-Oil…”


Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison?

(I don’t think so, you Hammerhead)

by Alan Graham

Subject: Fwd: Article: Is coconut oil good for you or ‘pure poison’? Here are the facts

Alan, I know you’ve written about this in the past but I was wondering if there is anything new here?

As far as I can tell the reason’s boil down to the fact that solid Saturated Fat (SatFat) is high in Butter & really-really high in Coconut-oil…….OK, so freaking what???

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Is Coconut Oil Pure Poison?”


Ketogenics Diet…

by Alan Graham

Hi Al, what are your views on the Ketogenic Diet? I’ve been reading a lot lately about the pros and cons and how they relate to health long term. Some experts say a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest. It’s so confusing.

Yes, I like the Ketogenic diet…..and I’ve been on various forms of it since 1974. However, I also like the “Low-carb” diet that is sort of “right on the edge of being in Ketosis”. In the full-blown Keto diet you eat a very hi-Fat diet (which is a good thing in my opinion)…up around 60 to 70% of mostly good fats & so few carbs that your body is in a state of “Ketosis” where if you pee on a keto-stix it will turn dark purple to show you’re in Ketosis – this is where you have the greatest weight loss because you’re readily burning fat (Ketosis)

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Ketogenics Diet…”


Supplement Dosage Mystery

…and Vitamin D-3

by Alan Graham

Hi Alan! 🙂

I’m having an issue about supplement dosing that is suggested by regular medicine and what’s available in supplements. For example, the RDA for vitamin C is only a few hindered milligrams, but vitamin C in tablet/capsule form is frequently sold in 250, 500, and 1,000 milligrams.

That’s because the RDA (recommended daily allowance) & the DV (adult daily value) will pretty much just prevent being deficient but to be really protected it is good to take bigger doses of many Supp’s….especially those that are water-soluble, like Vitamin C.

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Supplement Dosage Mystery”


Prolia Lie & Blyth Danner….

by Alan Graham

If you get your political & medical recommendations from Bone-headed, semi-celebrities like Blyth Danner then you should probably not be reading anything I write because it is going to confuse your little pea-brain. Here’s what BD had to say in her Prolia TV commercial.

“For strong bones use Prolia because it stops the cells that cause bone loss”

Please hold my hair…I’m going to throw-up.

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Prolia Lie & Blyth Danner….”


Cod-Liver Oil…plus Krill…or

Dr. Zorba Anecdote # 3…CLO (Cod-liver-oil)

by Alan Graham

Probably the wackiest thing attributed to NPR’s Dr. Zorba Pasture that show-cases his consummate lack of knowledge – is when Tom (his side-kick) mentioned how his mother use to give him Cod Liver Oil (CLO) for the powerful Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Zorba actually laughed in a smarmy, condescending manner and said “Everybody knows, there’s NO Omega-3 in Cod Liver Oil.”

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Cod-Liver Oil…plus Krill…or”