Nut-Butter with Whey & Bone-Broth Powder

The Healthiest meal in the World, in one Bowl…

by Alan Graham

This Meal (in one bowl you scoop with celery or eat with a spoon) has, pretty much, EVERYTHING you need, in its purest, raw natural Form. I eat this at least 3 nights a week and never get tired of it. If you tried to eat a big bowl of Peanut-Butter every-night, you would get sick of it in no time.

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Nut-Butter with Whey & Bone-Broth Powder”


Kids on a “Hi-Fat” Diet

…(also good for mean, crotchety Old Folks)

by Alan Graham

BTW…I delete every email that even looks a little bit like ANY kind of social media “stuff”……I’m right HERE, if anyone has a question or comment for me – I usually answer every email within one or two days. If anyone is upset because I didn’t “like or friend” or whatever the Hell it is you do, don’t take it personally….Trust me, I would not “Like” my Mother on Facebook and I love my Mother. Anyway, moving on.

Raising kids & old-folks on a Hi-Fat Diet (50% or more, good fat) will…..

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Kids on a “Hi-Fat” Diet”


Edible Shea Butter…

by Alan Graham

Hi Alan, I very much enjoy your newsletters and I’d like to know your opinion on eating Shea Butter.

First of all, is it even edible? My searches didn’t yield much information on how safe or beneficial it is. A friend suggested, that for better absorption of oils used as moisturizers, try mixing it with avocado oil.

My almost 2 year old daughter loves dipping her fingers in the mixture of shea and eating it (according to the manufacturer it is AAA grade butter) and avocado oils. Do you think it is safe or even good for her

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Edible Shea Butter…”