Big Believable Lies #1, “Butter is Bad”

by Alan Graham

There are about 6 or 8 really big (believable) lies indorsed by doctors and the FDA, where people make money at the expense of your health. Unfortunately these lies are so popular and believable that they are self perpetuating because they make such perfect freaking SENSE…I mean convincing unconscious sheeple that butter clogs your arteries and the hot, oppressive noonday sun causes skin cancer is so easy – I mean, doesn’t it make perfect sense?

BTW, the noonday sun is the only time of day the uvB can make it through the atmosphere to produce Vit. D-3 that PREVENTS SKIN CANCER.

So this is the 1st in the series of BIG Believable lies…”Butter is Bad”.

It makes perfect sense that people think butter clogs your arteries because you cannot easily push butter through a plastic straw – but beautiful, golden vegetable oil will flow right through the tube…so this is “scientific” proof that “solid-at-room-temp-fat” clogs your arteries but liquid Corn Oil cleans them out. Come on…this has to be true, I mean it seems so logical.

No, in fact, keep repeating Al’s #1 Fat Rule : “A fat is not Bad because it is a solid – anymore than an oil is Good because it is a liquid”.

In fact the opposite is generally true – virtually ALL natural solid fats are either neutral or very healthful in their overall effect and they all naturally resist Rancidity – BUT there are lots of harmful liquid oils that turn rancid if you look at them funny…that’s why Omega-6 PolyUnsaturated Food-Oils like Soy, Corn, Cotton-Seed, Grape-Seed, etc. have to be “Deodorized” with high heat after being pressed, to burn off the rancid smell before they can sell the toxic crap.

In fact the opposite is generally true – virtually ALL natural solid fats are either neutral or very healthful in their overall effect and they all naturally resist Rancidity – BUT there are lots of harmful liquid oils that turn rancid if you look at them funny…that’s why Omega-6 PolyUnsaturated Food-Oils like Soy, Corn, Cotton-Seed, Grape-Seed, etc. have to be “Deodorized” with high heat after being pressed, to burn off the rancid smell before they can sell the toxic crap.

And even though Canola Oil calls itself a “MonoUnsat-Oil”, it is a very LOW Mono at only 56%, consequently, this leaves room for way too much PolyUnsat-Oil (at 37%) so it too has to be Deodorized to remove the rancid smell of the Poly-oil that oxidized due to the heat of pressing.

However, real MonoUnsat Oils like Olive Oil (76% mono) or Macadamia Nut Oil (85% mono), only have from 5 to 8% Poly-oil, so NO Deodorization is necessary. BTW, before we even get to the solid SatFat…most people don’t realize that Butter and virtually all animal fats are from 30 to 50% MonoUnsat Oil, like in healthful Olive Oil.

OK, there are several Saturated fatty acids in Butter that have been metabolized and used efficiently by the Homo Erectus Liver for half a million years unlike PolyUnsat Omega-6 Food Oil that has only come to the fore in the last 100 years. I mean even Jesus & pals knew enough 2,000 years ago to use healthful Omega-9, MonoUnsat Olive oil.

Five Magic Solid Fats in BUTTER :

  1. .. The 18 carbon atom chain SatFat in butter (Stearic Acid) is used throughout your body because it is stable & non-reactive. Stearic acid (18-carbon, saturated) has been shown to lower cholesterol by 21% – even more than oleic acid (18-carbon, mono-unsaturated), you know- Olive Oil.

    The list of SatFat jobs in your body is just too long to even get started on here. Both Plant & Animal solid SatFat is your bodies fat of choice for virtually all critical jobs.

    If you never ate SatFat – your body would be forced to make it listen up…your body would much rather you ate lots of undamaged SatFat so it would not have to use resources that it could use elsewhere in order to make the necessary SatFat.

    You see, this ability of Homo Erectus to make SatFat was only there as a safety-net for those unavoidable times of famine for your average “Hunter-Gatherer” on the Serengeti. Which means, this need for a SatFat safety-net illustrates the critical importance of SatFat…but your body doesn’t want to have to make the stuff – it wants YOU to consume fresh, non-oxidized SatFat from both plants & animals.

    Do you mean registered dieticians are lying about Solid Saturated Fat being bad for you…yes, Little Beaver, that is exactly what I mean.

    BTW…you will start to notice as these Saturated Fatty Acid chains in Butter get shorter they become even more bizarre & beneficial, primarily due to an increased ability to PENETRATE things if the Fatty Acids are 12 atoms long or less.
  2. .. The 12 carbon atom chain SatFat in butter (Lauric Acid) is prominent in mother’s milk because it penetrates the cell’s energy-engine, the mitochondria, to give instant energy. Every Baby Formula on the shelf will have some form of Lauric Acid listed as Coconut Oil, MCT’s (Medium-Chained Triglycerides) or MCFA’s (Medium-Chained Fatty Acids).

    These MCT’s in Butter help you lose weight because they only require saliva & stomach acid to be metabolized and unlike long-chained fats, don’t require valuable Enzymes – and like fatty-acids that are 12 atoms long or less they have the magical ability to PENETRATE tissue. This means they zip through the wall of the Mitochondria causing an inferno tantamount to throwing gasoline soaked newspaper on a smoldering fire of wet logs….this explosion gives you energy and burns up the longer-chained fats (the wet logs) so you lose weight.

    OK, I know you’re lying now because everyone knows butter makes you fat.

    Read all the latest research at mercola.com (the #1 web-Doc) about how fats help you lose weight. Fats keep you from getting hungry…refined Carbs do the opposite, they create cravings & readily convert to body fat because they cause the wild ‘up & down’ fluctuations of Insulin – “The more carbs you eat, the more you want”.

    Plus Sugar & Refined Carbs cause inflammation from increased insulin, which also results in “Adult On-Set Diabetes” IN FREAKING CHILDREN. Yeah, the Bastards had to change the name from “Adult On-Set” to Type-2 Diabetes when thousands of kids started getting this “Adult” disease.

    You can thank the “Triad of Evil”…”The Breakfast of CHUMPions”… (1).. Sugar. (2)..Cereal. (3)..Sweet Fruit Juice. After you read this, if you give your babies Gerber’s Apple Juice, you are a bad mother & a bonehead…yeah, I said it.

    FYI – We now know that a large blast of Fructose (like in sweet fruit juice) causes numerous health problems that you don’t even experience drinking colored water with a ton of table sugar. Table sugar is harmlessly (relatively) metabolized in the gut where Fructose is metabolized in the Liver where it creates by-products that are extremely harmful – like Uric acid. A person should only eat a small amount of WHOLE fruit…Never fruit Juice. So Kool-Aide with table sugar is healthier that sweet fruit juice…but DON’T DRINK Kool-Aide with table sugar – it is still Crap.
  3. .. The 8 carbon chain SatFat in butter (Caprylic Acid) penetrates the gut to kill Candida yeast, viruses and other harmful microbes…see, there’s that penetration thing again. Anyway that’s why Candida and the associated “Leaky-Gut” are out of control in this country since “The SOS” (Spawn’s of Satan), also called registered dieticians, have convinced us to switch from butter to margarine. I’m not religious…I just like to call them something really mean because their lies are killing people.
  4. .. The arcane, very short 4 & 6 carbon atom chain SatFats (Butyric Acid) are all but UNIQUE to butter, even fresh butter, but they really come to life as the butter turns rancid – which takes a long time because satfats are very stable and resist rancidity….anyway, Butyric Acid is a super colon-cancer fighter and is very good for all kinds of gut disease like Colitis or Crohn’s. It has antifungal properties as well as antitumor effects…so even rancid butter is likely good for you. BUTTER IS A TRUE HEALTH FOOD…margarine is an ABOMINATION.
  5. .. Lastly, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) in butter fights Cancer while it keeps you young & fit (helps you lose weight). You can also get it in a supplement form called CLA or Tonalin. Grass-fed cows make lots of CLA & Omega-3…Corn-fed cows produce almost NO CLA & no Omega-3.

Corn starch (for babies butt) & corn fuel (Ethanol) are both legitimate products…every other use for corn where it is ingested by humans or animals, is EVIL…..Watch how this works:

Rancid PolyUnsat Corn Oil causes both the Cow & Human thyroid to underperform which causes them to gain weight…overweight humans need more pharmaceutical drugs – overweight cows make more money when sold as beef. So everybody wins…ah, except you.

Vegetable Oil (Soy, Corn, etc. that they turn into Margarine & Crisco) :

Unlike the half million years we used natural fatty acids just like those found in butter….PolyUnsaturated food oils are a very recent development – 100 years ago we averaged one pound of Omega-6 Poly Food Oil per YEAR…now we consume 70 pounds a year of these Vegetable Oils like Soy, Corn, Cotton-Seed, Grape-Seed and several other crappy Poly-Oils.

  1. .. PolyUnsat oils have an unpaired electron making them very reactive so the heat of pressing the oil causes it to oxidize and turn rancid. This creates a free radical toxin called Lipid Peroxide that attacks every cell in your body causing cancer, low-thyroid and heart disease…actually, it contributes to virtually every disease to include premature aging. And a lack of “Woodiness” with Old Dudes.
  2. .. The rancid vegetable oil must be RBDed (refined, bleached, deodorized) to burn off the rancid smell so they can sell it.
  3. .. This deodorization process using very high heat further damages the oil and does nothing to remove the lipid peroxide. So you bring home a fresh smelling, beautiful bottle of golden, cancer-causing, TOXIC CRAP while registered dieticians subserviently ‘assume the position’ and repeatedly chant with their blank (nobodies home) smile – “Fats that are liquid at room temp are HEART HEALTHY”…what a crock.

In 1994 the prestigious “Lancet” Medical Journal showed that oxidized unsaturated vegetable oils made up 75% of the crap blocking your arteries – NOT CHOLESTEROL.

NON-OXIDIZED cholesterol is GOOD FOR YOU. As you age you need MORE undamaged Cholesterol, to not only protect you (it’s a powerful antioxidant) but to hormonally elevate your mood by making you FEEL better about what a drag it is to get old…yeah, and it helps maintain the ol’ Woody (sex hormones are made from cholesterol).

Don’t confuse PolyUnsat garbage like Soy & Corn with healthful MonoUnsat oil like Olive & Macadamia nut…and Avocado Oil but try to get the harder to find, “Unrefined” kind.

So in reality Poly Vegetable oil causes the arterial inflammation that causes cancer and heart disease where butter does everything to protect your sorry butt on numerous fronts.

Also don’t do like evil Dieticians do ON PURPOSE and LUMP the toxic PolyUnsat FOOD oils in with the healthful PolyUnsat MEDICINAL oils, like Flaxseed or Hempseed Oil, that have to be processed more expensively so they DON’T turn rancid. Medicinal Oils like my two favorites…Black Currant Seed Oil & Krill Oil.

So even though Fish Oil (a medicinal oil) & Corn Oil (a food oil) are both PolyUnsaturated Oils…they are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. One is expensively processed Omega-3…the other is cheaply processed Omega-6, requiring it be RBDed.

Eat butter, olive oil and sit in the noonday sun to prevent cancer & heart disease.

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