Big Believable Lies #2, Dr. Oz says Noonday Sun is Bad

by Alan Graham

I have never watched Dr. Oz because these Hep, Hip, “semi-Holistic” MD types like Dr. Weil, et al. are actually worse in many cases, than your regular non-holistic MD that thinks all alternant treatments are a waste of time.

That is because these “phony-bologna-in-between” MD’s throw out just enough “Let’s all sing Kum Ba Ya” crap to make you think they are anything other than AMA stogies…so you might accidently believe one of their universally believable lies. Examples :

  1. .. Dr. Weil agreed with “Larry King” when he said Aspirin therapy was a God-send. Ok do we need to get into the 10’s of thousands of folks that died from heart attack & stroke because of Cox-2 Inhibitors or the thousands that bleed to death because of Cox-1 Inhibitors. NSAIDS like aspirin have both Cox-1 & Cox-2 Inhibitors.

    Aspirin IS a great thing for an occasional headache but not for long-term blood-thinning therapy or Arthritis therapy. There is a long list of GREAT natural blood-thinners that work without that pesky “Bleed-out” characteristic you get with aspirin – or the stroke you get with Cox-2 Inhibitors like Vioxx.
  2. .. Dr. Oz (on JEOPARDY) said that your shadow must be longer than your height to make Vitamin D…he even had a drawing to show the shallow angle of the sun & the long shadow.

    WOW…this guy couldn’t be more wrong – that “long shadow” is the kind of long-wave, ultra-violet light (uvA) that most contributes to Cancer…not the short-wave, uvB that makes Vitamin D-3.

CONNECTING THE DOTS for Dr. Oz reference Vitamin D-3 & the Sun:

Vitamin D-3 is the #1 protection against 16 types of Cancer to include Skin-Cancer…

Short-wavelength uvB starts the Vit. D-3 process after it hits your skin (as opposed to long-wavelength uvA that can “trigger” Cancer)…

Short-wavelength uvB (because it’s short) can only penetrate the atmosphere at around noon to make D-3, depending on latitude & time of year…however, no matter ‘time or place’, your shadow must be SHORTER than your height to make D-3…

Cancer-triggering uvA being a long-wavelength, penetrates the atmosphere just as easily at 8:00 AM as it does at noon…so the strength of the uvA remains constant and potentially harmful all day…

Long-wavelength uvA not only penetrates the atmosphere, it penetrates glass, clouds AND it also penetrates your skin right down to the 3rd layer (the Dermas), which can trigger Cancer…

Short-wavelength uvB CANNOT penetrate glass, clouds, pollution or very much atmosphere AND it also cannot penetrate very much skin – So even though uvB feels hot and if you let it, it can burn you – but it is not real harmful like the deep penetrating uvA…as long as you don’t burn.

NOTE – I find it disturbing that a thousand “Experts” on the web will tell you it is uvB that causes Cancer. You see, this is a “half-truth, Lie”…if you get a bad uvB burn over & over again then it could cause Cancer…BUT if you don’t burn then the uvB protects you from Skin-Cancer even if you turn a little pink. In fact turning a little pink is when you safely make the maximum D-3.

CONCLUSION – the pleasant 8 AM sunlight can “trigger” Cancer…while the hot “oppressive” noonday sun PROTECTS you from Cancer.

FYI : The uvA “Triggers” Cancer, it does not cause Cancer…”YOU” cause the Cancer (with the help of Dr. Oz) by :

  1. .. Avoiding the noonday sun and joining the other 80% of the population that is Vit.D deficient.
  2. .. Eating processed, free-radical causing, toxic garbage – much of which is endorsed by registered dieticians that I call BB’s (Beelzebub Babes).
  3. .. Not eating raw, antioxidant-rich foods – much of which is bad-mouthed by these selfsame registered dieticians or the SOS (Spawn’s of Satan)….I Kid, I Kid – I’m not religious!
  4. .. Using toxic Sun-Screen…about 90% has Cancer-causing “Penetration-Enhancers” that disrupt hormones and even shows up in breast milk. Look for either of two long words that start with “Oxy” or “Octyl”…then put it back. And please let your baby turn slightly pink in the sun -then cover them but DON’T use toxic sun screen.
  5. .. Breathing in the toxic steamy mist when you open your dish washer and two dozen other stupid things you do unwittingly everyday to poison yourself.

FYI #2 : Don’t wash with soap those area’s hit by the uvB or you will not only wash away the natural oils that protect the skin but you also inhibit the D-3 production that requires those oils as an integral part of the process. Only use soap where the sun don’t shine…in fact if you scrub your arm with soap up to 48 hours after being exposed to uvB, it will still reduce the amount of D-3 that is made.

WARNING : D-3 from the Sun & D-3 from supplements are not the same. Never use D-2…the crap added to most “strictly-commercial” milk.

Differences :

  1. .. You cannot OD (Overdose) on D-3 from the Sun…you can OD with supplements, especially if it is D-2.
  2. .. D-3 from the Sun is better absorbed because it is Water-Soluble and Fat-Soluble…supplements are Fat-Soluble Only.
  3. .. The Sun creates “D-3 Sulfate” which makes the D-3 able to move freely through the blood…however, the Unsulfated supplement form of D-3 must catch a ride with the “bad” Cholesterol (LDL), so it is Fat-Soluble only.
  4. .. The Sun also creates the very critical Cholesterol-Sulfate for heart health (not found in D-3 Supplements). A Cholesterol-Sulfate deficiency leads to high LDL (heart disease), Obesity & Diabetes.
  5. .. The Sunlight boosts Nitric-Oxide that dilates your blood vessels, which lowers blood-press. and prevents clots and heart disease…not to mention it helps all you old geezers in the “Woody” department.

So you see, D-3 from the Sun is demonstrably superior to Supplemental D-3. So it is not hard to imagine 80% of the population being D-3 deficient with Bone-Headed Dermatologists & Dr. Oz telling people to avoid the noonday Sun and take 400 iu of inferior Vitamin D in a cheap, piece o’ crap Multi like Centrum.

BTW…you need at least 4,000 iu…NOT 400 iu.

If you live where you get a lot of Sun and diligently try to get out most days for 15 minutes or so, when your shadow is SHORTER than height…then you don’t need to take a Vit.D supplement. If you are black you should try for 30 or 40 minutes.

In the winter when you will likely need to take an oral supplement you should get tested for D-3 because even though you can safely take 4 or 5 thousand iu’s…many people need more than that but it would not be safe to take 10 or 15 thousand iu’s w/o being tested first.

Also don’t settle for being at the bottom of the D-3 scale’s “acceptable-range” (like down around 40 to 50 ng/ml)…shoot for life guard levels of 70 to 90 ng/ml. Also take this test 25(OH)D —- DO NOT take this test 1,25(OH)(2)D …you have to ask for the right test.

If you already have Cancer, Diabetes or AIDS you certainly want to do like the incredible, “Super-Babe”, Deirdra Imus and how she keeps the I-Man (on FOX Business News) at Maximum (life guard) D-3 levels of 100 ng/ml because of his prostate Cancer…which she keeps nearly completely beat back without toxic drugs.

Trust me, 90% of the do-gooders out there aren’t authorized to carry her jock strap. The Imus’ spent 10 million dollars of their own money to start HER “Imus Cattle Ranch for Kids with Cancer”.

All Summer the kids live in the house with her, Wyatt & JD and all the kids call her “Mom”. Buy her Imus Cattle Ranch Cook book to help out…it is pretty much Vegan, but relatively intelligent Vegan.


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