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White-Matter-Disease, Dementia, MS or Something??

by Alan Graham

Alan –
My husband has been having headaches and just had a MRI and a MRA. He has been diagnosed with mild to moderate nonspecific and non-acute White Matter Disease.

Any ideas???


Well there’s a little problem ….nonspecific means your MD doesn’t know the cause – is it MS, Alzheimer, toxins in the brain ??? That is not a slam at that MD…because I’m told, it can be next to impossible to tell what’s causing the problem…I certainly wouldn’t presume to know.

So all I can tell you is, if it were me I would take a general ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to cover several bases that contribute to brain & nerve health and maybe get lucky…….

This is certainly “hit or miss” but the good thing is, if this does NOTHING for the Dementia or MS it won’t be a waste of time because these are all things I would highly recommend for heart health & to fight Cancer…AND even if you’re perfectly healthy, it would be smart to take all of these things anyway for general over-all protection. They are that important.

But feel free to run these by your MD to see if he/she thinks everything is “safe” vis-à-vis your brain. If the MD says something is not safe – let me know and I can probably tell you why there’s a disconnect…or maybe not. I challenge anyone to research these nutrients and find anything untoward…these are all extraordinary, multi-purposeful, Super-Supplements.

HOWEVER, if you have some obscure Disease that might be adversely effected by any of these (generally) very safe nutrients, then I would think you are aware of it and would avoid that particular thing.

For example, if you had the disease where you had serious bleeding of the brain then you would probably not want to take Fish Oil because of its blood thinning effect. See what I mean….Thinning the blood is generally considered a VERY good thing. And, in fact, many natural blood-thinners like Fish-Oil can thin the blood with very little of that dangerous “Bleed-out” characteristic that you get with Pharmaceutical blood-thinners. Anyway, moving on.

1.. take Magnesium-THREONATE …the only magnesium that crosses the BBB (Blood-Brain-Barrier) to possibly help prevent dementia, etc. while it relaxes your Heart-muscle to lower blood-pressure and eases your troubled mind. It’s very expensive – but very unique. Remember, 85% of the Folks are deficient in Magnesium. The cost may be prohibitive for many folks…it really is a “Rip-off” – but I buy it anyway.

If you can’t afford Threonate then please take two small divided doses of magnesium-Glycinate with meals…at least 300 mg times 2.

2.. take a Wholefood B-Complex, primarily for the B-12, B-6 & B-3 that are helpful for dementia & White Matter Disease. A B-complex is something that can pretty much help any & every disease because the B’s are needed for good digestion & nerve health. If you take a good Whole-Food Multi, then you probably don’t need to take a B-Complex.

3.. Ubiquinol (CoQ-10) – protects & oxygenates the brain. This and the Astaxanthin in (4) below are by far my 2 favorite Anti-Oxidants. Ubiquinol is also the #1 Heart nutrient…every person that lives past 90 has high levels of CoQ-10 in their autopsied heart tissue. I buy UbiquiNOL (Reduced CoQ-10)….I don’t recommend UbiquiNONE (Oxidized CoQ-10).

The highly advertised, Water-soluble CoQ-10, called Ultra-Qunol is the kind I don’t recommend, “Ubiquinone“….Sold in the Black Box at Walmart. Remember, they do make a water-soluble UbiquiNOL that comes in a Red Box called Mega-Qunol, but they never advertise it & you never see the Red Box in Walmart. Unfortunately, both use “Polysorbate 80” to be water soluble – but I no longer recommend any products with Polysorbate-80…see below.

Two Types of “Water-Soluble Ubiquinol”… I have used both kinds, but they are VERY expensive & maybe not completely necessary — because I also use the plain Fat-Soluble Ubiquinol…and yes, that shows how “Anal” I am – but Ubiquinol is likely the most important nutrient on the planet for old folks like me.

“All things being equal”… People that die of heart failure in their 40’s & 50’s will likely have very little CoQ-10 in their heart muscle tissue at death because of Statin-drugs and/or they don’t produce enough of the critical Enzyme that converts Ubiquinone to the ‘active’ form, Ubiquinol.

Two Types…..

  1. .. Quinogel (swanson’s) — is certainly the most effective of the 2 water-solubles, but it relies on “Polysorbate-80” which has received considerable bad press because it causes allergic reactions with some folks & can cause bowel distress in others….I no longer take it and I’m backing off recommending it to people. It will supposedly double or triple the amount of CoQ-10 absorbed.
  2. .. QH-absorb Ubiquinol — is a little less effective & cost a little more than Quinogel <BUT> it increases absorption by using very healthful items like MCT’s (found in breast milk & Coconut Oil)…Phosphatidylcholine (great form of lecithin)…Rosemary Extract (improves circulation to the brain, so relieves pain)… AND, NO polysorbate-80. This QH-absorb is my fave, but it ain’t cheap.

4.. Astaxanthin – crosses BBB (Blood-Brain-Barrier). Most powerful antioxidant found in nature….not to mention – it is both Fat & Water Soluble (and that is a very big deal). Found in Krill Oil…but I like to buy separate Astaxanthin that comes from Algae.

Ref. Krill oil – krill naturally only has about 80 mcg of Astaxanthin per gram…so when you see a Krill Oil with 900 mcg of Astaxanthin – it (rather deceptively) actually added about 800 mcg of Astaxanthin that came from Algae, to get you a 900 mcg total. I really don’t like that kind of ‘slight-of-hand’ crap…plus, it is generally cheaper to buy the regular Krill-oil (with about 80 mcg) and then buy Algae-Astaxanthin separately.

5.. Vitamin D-3 — (85% of the Folks are Vit.D deficient)… take 5,000 iu daily to protect nerves in the brain & so much more…like Cancer prevention. After a month go get tested to see if you need more or maybe less….but don’t take more without the test.

6.. Eat Coconut oil daily – MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) protect the brain and So much more – like increasing the effectiveness of the Prostaglandin Pathways to reduce inflammation & increase the production of the #1 Brain Omega-3 Fatty-Acid, DHA. This very-complex Fatty-Acid is the most abundant FA in the Brain…and your Brain is pretty much ALL Fat – yep, you’re a Fat-Head.

7.. take Chlorella to remove mercury from brain – it is the #1 “Chelator” of heavy metals….if you eat Sardines (like I do)…you must also take Chlorella – it’s “the Law…”ahh, you know… “Al’s Law”.

8.. take Krill oil or a Hi-DHA Fish Oil – EPA & DHA protect brain & myelin sheath around the nerve. Krill Oil has twice as much EPA as DHA … and for the brain, DHA is the fatty-acid you want the most….but Krill-oil is much better absorbed than Fish Oil….

….Hi-DHA Fish Oil is not as well absorbed as krill-oil, but you can get some brands of Fish-oil that are EXTREMELY high in DHA relative to the EPA (like 5 times as much DHA) . So flip a coin….or do what I do and take both. Taken together they create a real synergy.

Or take Hi-DHA oil from Algae….make sure you take one with at least 20% EPA….many Algae Omega Oils only have about 5% EPA or No EPA….this is not good – you need the synergy of both DHA & a significant amount of EPA. The highest percentage of EPA in any Algae product that I’ve seen, is 25% EPA…which is good.

9.. MSM – helps heal & protect the myelin sheath – BUT here are some things to consider…..

  1. .. “Pharmaceutical-Grade” powdered MSM is the best & likely the cheapest BUT I hate the taste, so I use capsules…

    [ BTW, “Pharmaceutical-Grade” is almost meaningless – it really only means, it is a reasonably pure powder with no added ingredients – so it must be scooped…it has nothing to do with anything actually, “Pharmaceutical” ].

  2. .. Swanson’s MSM in capsules always uses the Lube (Magnesium-Stearates) which I don’t like but makes it very cheap… or you can pay 4 times as much at PURE-Prescriptions for cap’s w/o Mag-Stearates…

    [ BTW, Mag-Stearates are probably fine if you just take a few capsules where it’s used as a lube — but if you take a couple of dozen cap’s it will adversely effect your gut & digestion. I know this from personal experience that I could SEE with my own eyes ].

  3. .. So that is why I like mercola’s MSM capsules w/o mag-stearates….the price may seem a little on the high side but it contains a pretty good dose of the very expensive anti-oxidant R-ALA, which is my 3rd favorite Anti-oxidant…

    [ BTW, “R-Fraction” Alpha Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) is one of only a few anti-oxidants that is both Fat & Water Soluble…it can also take your Vitamin E & C and cause them to be recycled, over & over again, like magic].

    [ BTW-2, Always buy the “R-Fraction” (or R-ALA)… never buy the less active, ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) without the R ].

10.. Probiotics – How many times do I have to say it – “Virtually everything is controlled or effected by the good bacteria in your gut.” Even your mood & your sex drive.

So eat lots of Home-made Coconut Milk Kefir & Home-made Sauer-kraut or “Bubbies’ Sauer-kraut….and if you are too busy or too lazy (so I buy Bubbies) to make home-made Fermented food then buy expensive Probiotic capsules and hope the bugs are still alive…oh yeah, take really BIG doses of capsules at first….

…..like 5 or 10 times the recommended dose, so they can go to war with some hope of victory….then tapper off and you can actually stop the capsules AFTER you get things in balance…..of course you will never get “in balance” if you keep on consuming Sugar, refined carbs & anti-biotics.

Lastly.. Your brain is fat – so eat lots of real butter, coconut-oil, lard, Avocado, Eggs & Chia-seed. This is one area where MD’s might push back because many recommend not eating lots of Fats with WMD…but I’m not sure why they say that – it makes no sense to me, but I could be wrong. If anyone’s MD tells them why the Low-SatFat thing is better, I would love to hear it.

Remember the Cancer newsletter in November (with link to NCBI) that verified what I’ve been saying for years about the health benefits of increasing your GOOD-Fats while drastically restricting your Carbs. I’m sorry but I have to milk-this for all it’s worth, because it’s “The Government” saying this…the same “Soulless sycophants” that I’ve always hated. BTW…I was a government employee for 22 years – a US Army Combat Helicopter pilot.


I suspect “They” have data that shows “Fats” are not good for WMD…. but I also suspect the fats they use are mostly toxic “Fats” like “Vegetable-Oils” (Soy, Corn, Grape-seed, Canola, etc.) and TransFat – pHVO (partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) like Margarine & Crisco.

I would love to see someone try to prove that fats like Butter, Coconut-Oil, Olive-Oil & Ghee are bad for your brain….Humm, I don’t think that will ever happen Little-Beaver, unless we fall through some big “Cosmic Bunny-Hole”.


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