Big Believable Lies #1, “Butter is Bad”

by Alan Graham

There are about 6 or 8 really big (believable) lies indorsed by doctors and the FDA, where people make money at the expense of your health. Unfortunately these lies are so popular and believable that they are self perpetuating because they make such perfect freaking SENSE…I mean convincing unconscious sheeple that butter clogs your arteries and the hot, oppressive noonday sun causes skin cancer is so easy – I mean, doesn’t it make perfect sense?

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Big Believable Lies #1, “Butter is Bad””


Big Believable Lies #3, Fruit & Juice

by Alan Graham

The latest data shows the ubiquitous mantra “Eat lots of fruits & veggies” is wrong…it should be “Eat lots of non-starchy Veggies & a small amount of WHOLE Fruit (NEVER Juice)”. This change in thinking is because we now realize that Fructose is VERY harmful so you want small amounts that are metabolized very slowly due to the fiber & water in the WHOLE fruit, while avoiding the really sweet, extra-juicy fruits that are mostly pulp.

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Big Believable Lies #3, Fruit & Juice”


Big Believable Lies #5, “Canola is a MonoUnsat. Oil, Just Like Olive Oil”…

by Alan Graham

OMG…STOP ! Canola Oil is a lie – yes, I know this is tantamount to spitting in your “Post Toasties” because people love this CRAP…Stop the Internal-Dialogue, you’re wrong & here’s why…Everything they brag about is a “Half-Truth LIE”

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Big Believable Lies #5, “Canola is a MonoUnsat. Oil, Just Like Olive Oil”…”


Big Believable Lies #6, Fats in Oz-Land

by Alan Graham

Well the evil, deceptive Dr. Oz is at it again on the TV show “Jeopardy”. He uses the old “Bait & Switch” trick or the similar “Lump ‘um all together” trick that all these Bastards use to convince you that toxic PolyUnsaturated Vegetable Oil (mostly Soy & Corn) is heart healthy, primarily, because it is a liquid at room-temp…

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Big Believable Lies #6, Fats in Oz-Land”


Two Homemade Drinks that Prevent Every Disease

by Alan Graham

Wow, EVERY Disease?? Yeah, that’s a pretty bold statement but one of the drinks is undoubtedly, hands-down the #1 source of Life-Giving Probiotics (beneficial gut bacteria) in all the world, so I feel safe — I’m talking about the homemade “Super-Food” Coconut-Milk Kefir. It is not only fairly cheap, it is sooo easy to make.

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Two Homemade Drinks that Prevent Every Disease”


Eskimo Lumber

… or, Don’t eat the Yellow Snow!

by Alan Graham

Why are Eskimos such horny little “Nose Rubbers” well into there 80’s & even 90’s? Which actually begs the question…why do they even live to be 80 & 90 and have the lowest heart disease numbers on the planet? Well, if you answer the Eskimo-Woody question, you’ve answered both questions.

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Eskimo Lumber”