Fibromyalgia – a tough nut to Crack…

by Alan Graham

Fibromyalgia is a tough nut to crack because no one knows the cause (likely has many causes) and it effects so many different areas….SO, that means there are about 200 different supplements, herbs, potions or whatever, that one could take to attack every symptom on every front….but nobody is gonna do that.

The holistic world doesn’t have a bunch of great “Pain-relievers”…. for example, the popular Fever-few, really doesn’t do much of anything (in my opinion – I’m gonna get mail). Holistic “Pain-relief” comes through fixing the underlying cause – like glucosamine is NOT a pain-reliever but it relieves pain by fixing the cause (repairs cartilage) BUT it takes at least two weeks.

A few “pain-relievers” that I like for Fibromyalgia are MSM powder (fairly large doses like 5 grams)….MSM Cream…..Willow Bark Cream and Krill or fish oil.

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However, it is very possible that none of this will do a darn thing for Fibromyalgia…. but the Krill oil & MSM would certainly improve ones overall health.

So I THINK a person should attack the area that covers the most possibilities of success….your first line of defense…your most important Organ……YOUR GUT.

Get your gut & your gut-bacteria working at peak efficiency to pump-up your immune system & to readily absorb nutrients while stopping toxins from getting to you. Which also means eating good whole foods (mostly good fats, fresh Protein & lots of NON-starchy Veggies).

AND, No Soy, No Sugar, No fake Fat (margarine & Crisco), No PolyUnsat. Food Oil (Soy, Corn, Grape-seed, and many more to include the Evil abomination called Canola-Oil)…..and yes I know RD’s call Canola a Monounsat. Oil because it has 56% Monounsaturated oil but it is the 35% POLY-Oil in there, that is rancid and killing you….so don’t put lipstick on a pig by calling it Mono-unsat….. call it by the dominant fatty-acid, ahh, the one that is killing you…the Poly-unsat. crap.

Remember, Big Al’s #2 Oil Rule — a true “Mono” oil must be at least 65 to 70% Mono to be a True Mono-oil (like Olive at 76% or Macadamia nut at 85%) – if it has a low Mono % like Canola (56%) that leaves to much room for a big % of Poly-crap, requiring it be RBDed (refined-bleached-deodorized)…. A tiny amount of Poly, like the (8%) in Olive oil, does not require being RBDed.

I also recommend No grains…so most folks say “forget about it”……..but bread, cereal & pasta. can exacerbate Fibro’ in about half a dozen different ways.

So the following are the things I would take for my Gut & Fibromyalgia….especially Probiotic FOODS because Candida is believed to be a major player with Fibro’. Also, you have bugs in your gut that do all sorts of amazing things like bind to Heavy metals & other toxic crap that is also believed to be a big Fibro’ player.

Kefir and/or homemade Sauerkraut – The #1 thing to take for Candida is “PROBIOTICS”…..the best probiotics come from fermented-foods, like Sauerkraut, Kimchi & homemade Coconut milk Kefir.

I think you are spinning your wheels if you take most Probiotic supplements….one or two capsules probably won’t do squat, I think you need to take 6 or 8 capsules to do anything…so capsules are expensive & you don’t know how many bugs are still alive because your brain-dead cousin was in charge of keeping the stuff refrigerated and from cooking in the Arizona sun.

Colostrum capsules – boost immunity while healing your gut. If you have a strong Immune-system and avoid Sugar & refined Carbs…chances are you will never have Fibromyalgia, Gut Disease or a Candida problem

You do remember that 80% of your immunity is the 100 trillion good bugs in your gut. Take large doses without food, twice daily by “Front-Loading”. (Front-Load means take really big doses at first to really hit the problem with a BIG hammer & then after a few days or weeks or months you can slowly drop back to a much smaller daily dose).

SOooo, like with big doses of Probiotic capsules & big doses of Colostrum capsules….after a while you can reduced the dose or stop it completely.

Which also means – taking 100 capsules of probiotics in 10 days (10 caps daily) and then stopping for a couple of months ……will come closer to replenishing you Bacteria-Balance than taking 100 capsules in 50 days at the recommended dose of 2 capsules daily – which will likely do nothing or almost nothing.

Chia Seed – fresh grind in coffee grinder….one tablespoon first thing in AM then 1 teaspoon before each meal. Never use pre-ground chia seed. Chia has high Omega-3 (ALA) like Flaxseed but Chia Seed has no Phytoestrogen. Flaxseed is VERY high in potentially problematic Phytoestrogen.

Vitamin D-3 from the sun & supplements? Get some cheap “Spring-Valley” D-3 (5,000 iu) from walmart and take one daily with a fat-containing meal. Then in a month send off a mercola D-3 test to check your level. Or go get tested.

Their range of 40 to 60 is NORMAL and 100 is considered excessive. Get as much *noonday* sun as possible without burning.

I bet your D-3 level is less than 20…not good…try to get to 35 at least.

Remember this simple geometry…your shadow must be SHORTER than your height to produce D-3….so if you live north of Boston, the sun will produce almost no D-3 even at hi-noon in June. The HOT noonday sun PROTECTS you from skin cancer….the nice 8 AM sun most contributes to skin cancer.

Please read this newsletter to understand why your mother & your doctor have been lying to you forever by telling you to avoid the noonday sun. AV #002 · Big Believable Lies #2, Dr. Oz says Noonday Sun is Bad

Caprylic-acid – Kills Candida & H.pyloria to balance gut bacteria. www.amazon.com/…

So with bowel disease or if suffering with Candida you should eat lots of Butter but in addition buy Caprylic-acid in soft-gels – they are very cheap so “DO NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS” by only taking 1 or 2 daily….instead, TAKE 2 soft-gels before each meal, then reduce the dose to 1 or 2 soft-gels daily, once you start feeling better…..your gut will thank you & did I mention?? they’re Dirt-Cheap.

NEXT – read the following newsletter AV #011 · Perfect Foods …. about my favorite “Perfect-Foods” That are Anti-inflammatory….Immune-enhancing….Probiotic-friendly, so try to eat ALL of them for a healthy gut …especially :

  • Butter – kills Candida because of Caprylic-acid & Lauric-acid… use non-GMO, high “Butter-Fat” Butter, like Irish Kerrygold at Walmart.
  • Garlic – kills harmful microbes (to include, Ulcer-causing, H.Pylori) & about 50 other things like “Lowers your BP”.
  • Cheyenne – kills harmful microbes & about 50 other things like “Thins your Blood” & increases your Peripheral-Circulation.
  • Coconut oil – it will not only help with Candida & gut disease but with everything else – like your heart, joints & brain.
  • Cinnamon – anti-fungal spice that increases Peripheral-Circulation while it lowers Blood-sugar & Blood-pressure.

BUT, like I tell people (and I believe this with all my heart)…if my approach with just about any & every ailment doesn’t fix the complaint, it is certainly not a waste of money because if you do everything above it will help protect you from pretty much everything else….like Heart Disease, Thyroid Disease & Cancer.


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