Flu Prevention…

by Alan Graham

I have not had a Flu shot for about 20 years – and I have not had a cold or the flu for 20 years. Yes, 2 or 3 times I had the sniffles for a day or two….hardly qualifies as even a “cold”.

I used to get at least one bad cold annually and the flu about every 6 or 7 years…..then I made the mistake of walking into a health-food and getting some recommendations that cured my “incurable” bowel disease Crohn’s. So after that I was hooked.

Over the years if a person has sort of half-way followed my philosophy regarding foods & supplements to prevent Heart-Disease, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Thyroid Disease, etc…..guess what?? You are likely doing many of those things to prevent the flu.


1).. Vitamin D-3 …I know, you get get sick of hearing me go on about taking adequate D-3. For some reason Medico’s will let you slide by with a low D-3 level of about 25 ng/ml. Normal range is 40 to 60 ng/ml….so I think you should shoot for a D-3 of at least 35. I keep mine at about 55 to 60 ng/ml.

Remember, your mother & wise old family doctor have been lying to you forever by telling you to avoid the noonday sun in the summer. The weak uVB that produces D-3 can only make it through the atmosphere at around high-noon….the strong uVA is the same strength as long as the sun is up.

So you should avoid the pleasant sunlight at 8:00 AM and try to get as much oppressive noonday sun as possible…it makes the Vitamin D and protects you from Cancer & the FLU…..while the “nice” uVA at 8:00 AM is most likely to trigger Cancer.

Please remember the D-3 Rule… “To make D-3 your shadow must be shorter than your height” …so you make no D-3 at 8:00 AM or if you live north of Boston…or in the winter.

Start with about 5,000 iu of cheap oil-filled soft-gels from Walmart, then after a month – go get tested.

In all fairness there is a fairly legitimate study that showed D-3 did not help the flu – I don’t believe it but it may be true…however, why take the chance when we know it helps protect you from 16 kinds of Cancer and is essential for Osteoporosis prevention. And considering about 80% of the population is D-3 deficient – you are likely in that group.

2).. Liposomal Vitamin-C ….you can make it at home but it is so much easier to get mercola’s Liposomal-C. Liposomal means it is both water & fat soluble so you can take large doses without it causing diarrhea. This Lipo-C is extremely powerful when compared to regular Vitamin C.

3).. Zinc & Copper or Zinc Lozenges … To prevent the Flu (during flu season) take from 45 to 60 mg of Zinc with 1 mg of copper for every 15 mg of Zinc. You must take zinc & copper together at that 15 to 1 ratio of Zinc to copper. If you actually have the flu then take Zinc Lozenges as directed but only when your sick.

Normal Zinc & Copper would be about 15 & 1 mg or 30 & 2 mg …or maybe 45 & 3 mg….but don’t go over 100 mg of zinc as a normal daily thing EXCEPT for when you are actually sick and you’re taking the lozenges (then you will likely go over 100 mg even if taken as directed).

4).. Astragalus, Olive-leaf extract, Elderberry & Pau d’arco ….. 4 herbs that I like for any kind of infection. You can take these 4 as directed continuously or intermittently….unlike the two in (5) below….

5).. Goldenseal & Echinacea ….. take very small doses of either or both during Flu season but stop after flu season. If you have the Flu then take large doses as long as you are sick. You should not take either continuously – these two kill bad bugs but there is some collateral damage (kills some good guys also)…

…so only take it when sick or during flu season because as you kill off the bad guys you will kill less & less of them but you’re still killing some good guys to where you reach a point to where you start killing more good guys as opposed to bad guys. A kind of a diminishing-return…sorta? That wasn’t very confusing, was it??


1).. Kefir & Sauerkraut … jeeze Al, again with the Kefir & Sauerkraut. Yeah, but I would bet my life that the folks with a nice 85 to 15 Ratio of ‘good to bad’ gut bacteria don’t get the flu. Most Americans abuse their gut with processed food, lots of SUGAR…while dunking Oreo’s in their Jack Daniels. And if like the spawn of Satan, Jamie Lee, you use Activia Yogurt instead of kefir then you are Dead to me.

The 21 million dollar law suit settlement because of Jamie Lee’s yogurt Lies means NOTHING because of the 550 million annual sales of the crap.

2).. Garlic… can kill virus & bacteria while it pumps up your immune system. If your girlfriend or boyfriend thinks garlic is offensive…get a new girlfriend, etc.

3).. Medicinal Mushrooms (maitake, shiitake, reishi) … these can be food or supplements and contains the super immune enhancer 1,3-D-glucan.

4).. Cayenne & Black Pepper…. Put lots of cayenne in everything possible to open up airways, etc. When I eat eggs I put such a thick layer of Black-Pepper that you can hardly see any of the egg. And you might think that much BP would taste terrible on the poor little egg.. NO, the pepper taste seems to just mostly disappear – it’s magic. I like Swanson’s Organic Black Pepper. Black pepper has a magical substance called Piperine that you see in some of the better supplements because it enhances absorption of many supplements & nutrients…especially Turmeric & CoQ-10.


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