Hip Replacement

Mobility & Methyl-Donors…

by Alan Graham

I had a left hip replacement in 2018…any supplement advice?…

There are 100’s of things you might take depending on how far you want to go… like pumping up your immune system to prevent infections – or maybe you just want to promote healing and have mobility with less pain.

But if you want to keep it simple there are a couple of formula’s that ‘fill all the bills’.

There are many standard supplements for pain, infections and mobility like the following…
…for infections (Vitamin C, Zinc, Green tea, Turmeric, Quercetin)….
…for mobility & Healing (Glucosamine, Boswellia, Bromelain, Chondroitin, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)….
…for pain (White Willow-Bark, Devil’s-Claw, MSM)….

….So fortunantly there is a dirt-cheap swanson’s formula that has all those things and more in “Mobility Essentials”. This stuff is so cheap that for the first few weeks I would take 5 capsules daily instead of the recommended dose of 3 capsules. I would take 2 caps with 2 meals and 1 cap with the 3rd meal www.swansonvitamins.com/… .

FYI…. The late James Coburn (In Like Flint) said that MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) was the only thing that relieved the Arthritis pain in his crippling “bird-claw” looking fingers. He even left permission to use his testimonials for endorsements of Sulfur-Based Supplements after his death….NOT Sulfa-Based Pharmaceuticals – Sulfur is a natural healing element…Sulfa is an UNnatural evil form of Pharm’s called Sulfonamides.

…BTW, the first M in MSM is for Methyl …anytime you see that word in a supp’ it means it is a “Methyl-Donor” that donates the most powerful healing & pain-relieving molecule found in your body called a Methyl-Group (CH3)….. for example, Methyl-cobalamin B-12 is another Methyl-donor.

Some of my favorite Methyl-Donors with an “M” in the name are
TMG (heart & liver)…
DMG (heart, Oxygenation, needed in EVERY DAMN CELL in your body)…
SAMe (joints & mood) –

some w/o the “M” are
CoQ-10 (Heart & Brain)…
Melatonin (Sleep, Brain & powerful antioxidant)…
Turmeric (Does EVERYTHING)…
Theanine (in black, green, and white tea)


Now if you want to get real serious then you might try one of my favorite things and make a great tasting drink (but it ain’t exactly cheap) with the Collagen formula called “Beauty Infusion” – it has…

Hyaluronic acid for mobility by lubricating your joints…… and Alpha Lipoic Acid & Collagen for healing. It’s marketed as a beauty thing for skin, hair & nails but is prefect for healing & mobility.

Collagen is so extraordinarily multi-purposeful that it can help a Hip replacement in virtually every way one can imagine….like pain relief, increased mobility, increased muscle-mass & energy, lubricates joints and even heals & protects your gut so you get maximum healing from the nutrients you consume.

I mix the cranberry flavored powder with water, splash of lemon juice and a little stevia…or mix it into iced Holy Basel Tea (tulsi tea) with lemon & stevia. Tulsi tea is high in antioxidants much like green tea, to prevent infections but has no caffeine …the Indians say it promotes a feeling of well being so you don’t sit around all bummed out over what a drag it is to get old and have a hip replaced www.swansonvitamins.com/… .

Keep me posted with your progress.


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