“In the Beginning” there was Lucy & SatFat but No Canola-Oil…

by Alan Graham

The following is History not Religion….

Have you heard Canola Oil’s latest radio commercial? It starts out sounding like a PSA about the 3 major food groups but is really just another Canola ad that is designed to confuse you with lies & half-truths.

The narrator says that fats are important – so use good fats like Canola Oil because it has….

(1) – “Less Saturated Fat (SatFat)” …and…

(2) – “Has a wide heat range for hi-heat cooking.”

“Jesus wept”……. ( of course Jesus & Pals used Olive-oil…AND I think they would call Canola an ABOMINATION )

OK…less SatFat – Yes, Canola-oil has a low SatFat of about 7% but that is a BAD THING because of how that effects the percentages of the other Fats in Canola’s Fatty-Acid Profile…because it leaves more room for the one crappy fatty-acid that you want less of….Poly-unsat., Omega-6 L.A. (Linoleic Acid).

You see, ALL food-oils (like Canola) & ALL medicinal-oils (like Flaxseed-Oil, etc.) have to contain all 3 types of Fatty-acids…SaturatedMono-unsaturated…& Poly-unsaturated….but obviously, at wildly different ratios…. the ratios mean EVERYTHING!

1).. So, this “less SatFat comment” implies that undamaged SatFat in Food-Oil is bad for you…No, it is NOT… so bragging about low SatFat in food oil is a bogus argument. The beautiful plant SatFats found in most plant food-oils are “gut-bacteria-friendly” & non-reactive, so they resist oxidation and are your bodies choice for many if not most Fat-Jobs.

2).. This “lower SatFat” (at about 7%) means that when added to Canola’s low percentage of healthful Mono-unsaturated oil at 56% …you windup with ONLY 63% healthful fat, which means there is lots of room left over for the UNhealthful Poly-unsaturated oils at 37% which is deodorized-Oxidized Crap.

So low-SatFat in Canola is a Bad thing because if Canola somehow magically had more SatFat, hopefully it would be displacing some of the toxic/deodorized Omega-6 Poly-oil …WHICH would be a GOOD THING……however, if adding more SatFat displaced the Omega-9 Mono-Oil then it wouldn’t be good or bad…it would be a ‘draw’.

Al ??? are you saying the solid SatFat dispersed in all food oil is as healthful as the liquid, Mono-unsat. Omega-9 OIL, like in Olive-Oil?

YES, Little Beaver, that is exactly what I’m saying.

“In the Beginning there was SatFat” (and Lucy)

Lucy….was the Mitochondrial Mother to every human on Earth… also called Mitochondrial “Eve”. Name came from the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. The researchers that discovered the Mitochondria connection liked the song.

At the Great African Riff, Circa Three Million years ago, Lucy and her children were wading the tide-pools looking for little eatable critters when they came upon a small beached Whale. Well, being very opportunistic scavengers they all preceded to gorge on nutritious, yummy, Blubber…which is Ultimate Saturated-Fat (SatFat).

Ok, LOTS of fresh SatFat is a great thing but you can overdo it, especially if you’re a starving ‘Hunter-Gatherer’ at the “All-You-Can-Eat Whale-Buffet”…..so mother-nature gave Lucy a Desaturase-Enzyme called the D9D (Delta-9-Desaturase) that would count over to the #9 carbon-atom on the 18 long carbon chain of SatFat and “Pluck-out” (or Desaturase) 2 Hydrogen atoms, which turns solid SatFat into Omega-9 Oil (like Olive Oil).

Unfortunately the modern Homo-Sapiens-Sapien does about 50 things that stops the production &/or use of the D9D… not to mention we do the same things to block &/or misuse the truly critical, D6D Enzyme…which can cause or exacerbate about one hundred or so different diseases thanks to crappy Omega-6 Oil like Soy, Corn & Canola. These inferior Omega-6 oils use up all the D6D enzyme to do a BAD thing…so there is no D6D left to do a million GOOD things.

BTW – Blubber is an extraordinary Super-Food (especially for the Brain, with lots of DHA) – no wonder traditional Inuit children eat blubber as a snack-food…& they don’t have Heart Disease.

Olive Oil SatFat

One of the things I love about Olive Oil is that it is More healthful BECAUSE it is higher in healthful SatFat at 16%….because when you couple that 16% with a high Mono-unsat percentage of 76% …. you get 92% good fats, which means there is only room left for a measly (and insignificant) 8% of the undesirable Poly-unsat Crappy oil (Omega-6, LA).

Which also means Canola must be RBDed (refined-bleached-deodorized) because of the hi-poly-oil at 37% …..BUT Olive Oil does not have to be RBDed because it has a very low percentage of Poly-oil at only 8%.

Next, High Heat Cooking with Canola…….

Yes, **refined** Canola Oil has a fairly high Smoke-Point at about 400 to 425 degrees – if UNrefined, Canola’s Sm-Pt will drop to about 320 degrees. But you will likely go the rest of your life and never encounter UNrefined Canola oil.

Macadamia Nut Oil (a MONO-unsat oil) has a 410 degree Smoke-Pt….. But a very high Mono-oil like Macadamia-Nut Oil (at 85% Mono) can reach high Sm-Pts without being refined – unlike low Mono-Oils like Canola (at 56% Mono) have to be refined (RBDed).

Al, I heard there is a small amount of the healthful Omega-3 ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid) in Canola Oil…not found in olive oil.

Yes that is a “true” HTL (Half-Truth LIE)… you see, there is 10% ALA in Canola just as it is pressed out of the Rape-seed but the heat of being pressed Oxidizes the sensitive Omega-3, turning it rancid & toxic. So it becomes part of the 37% Poly-oil I mentioned above that must be REFINED (RBDed)….27% LA + 10% ALA = 37% toxic polyunsat oil.

The RBDing will remove the rancid smell but it does NOT remove the toxic Lipid-Peroxide caused by the Oxidation & resultant Rancidity from when it was pressed, in the first place.


If the above was not bad enough, there’s more…

1).. A nice soft, hi-yield Olive never needs to use the toxic petroleum-solvent, Hexane, to squeeze out enough oil to make it profitable…..BUT, the hard, low-yield Rapeseed (Canola-oil) almost always uses Hexane.

And, like with most products, it is not economically profitable to remove the trace amounts of residual Hexane from the finished product.

2).. Also, probably 90% of the Rapeseed used in Canola-oil is GMO.

Conclusion – Canola-Oil is Crap….while Olive-Oil was endorsed by Jesus

…. yes Al, historically correct, but maybe just a tad heavy handed…?


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