Ketogenics Diet…

by Alan Graham

Hi Al, what are your views on the Ketogenic Diet? I’ve been reading a lot lately about the pros and cons and how they relate to health long term. Some experts say a whole food plant based diet is the healthiest. It’s so confusing.

Yes, I like the Ketogenic diet…..and I’ve been on various forms of it since 1974. However, I also like the “Low-carb” diet that is sort of “right on the edge of being in Ketosis”. In the full-blown Keto diet you eat a very hi-Fat diet (which is a good thing in my opinion)…up around 60 to 70% of mostly good fats & so few carbs that your body is in a state of “Ketosis” where if you pee on a keto-stix it will turn dark purple to show you’re in Ketosis – this is where you have the greatest weight loss because you’re readily burning fat (Ketosis)

Keto Test Strips — www.amazon.com/…

This is from my NY Buddy & a long time “Low-Carb Dude”……

keto strips:
Keto strips works for majority of people not everyone (approx. 22% +/- including me). Further, even for those it “works” for the ketostix are not always accurate. You may be in ketosis when they say you’re not.

Some say a way of knowing: Are you thirsty all the time? Has your hunger gone away? Those are generally the best two ways to recognize that you are in ketosis.

Saying that, while most people can achieve ketosis in 3-6 days, for some it can take a few weeks, especially if they are insulin resistant

So being in Ketosis requires eating almost exclusively meat, cheese & eggs with just a very small amount of veggies… NO fruit, NO grains, NO starchy Veggies like pinto beans or white potatoes & NO milk.

NOTE – No fruit means “No sweet fruit”…because avocados are great (yes, they are a fruit) and Lemons/Limes are also low carb.

more fat:

Too trigger ketosis: Often told to add more fat (coconut oil, etc.).

Eades is my go to guy on the subject:



This ketosis causes some folks to feel jittery or light headed. It has never made me feel bad although now days I am almost never in actual Ketosis because I eat lots of low-carb veggies, steamed & in salads….however, in my youth, I prided myself on being in a state of “Deep Purple” as much as possible.

A “Whole food, plant based Diet” sounds good… “but” that is usually ‘code’ for a decidedly Vegan diet where you ONLY consume plant Protein (Especially Soy)….and you NEVER eat meat, cheese or eggs. And “plant-based” also usually means lots of sweet-Fruit, fruit-juice & lots of starchy foods….all things I dislike.

My idea of a “Plant-Based” Diet is lots of non-starchy veggies (especially green leafy veggies & Cruciferous veggies like Broccoli), some Seeds & Nuts… AND a small amount of fresh meat, eggs & cheese…AND, stick in Whey-Protein instead of Meat as much as possible.

OR, if you don’t want to harm animals but you still understand that a “Complete” animal protein is very important…so use Whey protein, cheese & eggs (So no animals die but you’re still getting plenty of animal protein).

To be a “Complete-Protein” (must have adequate levels of all 11 Essential Amino-Acids) you need an AAPS (amino-acid profile score) of 100 or more… “proteins” like pinto beans with a score of about 90 means this can create a “bottle-neck” when your body is trying to synthesize new tissue from Amino-acids.

The highest Score of 146 is the Egg-yolk. Most Plant-protein is not complete & those that are complete, are just barely complete….like Soy Protein Isolate at 108 or Split-Pea Protein at 104.

The only plant proteins that makes it up into the higher “meat” numbers are the Pumpkin seed & Squash seed at 136… it is actually a tiny bit higher than Chicken at 134.

If you think eating eggs is the same as killing an animal…then use Whey protein instead of meat, cheese & eggs.

If you think using Whey Protein (made from milk) is stealing milk from cows then you must use a plant protein…I recommend Pea or yellow-Pea powdered protein – www.amazon.com/…

Or Hemp powdered Protein and/or whole Hemp-seedswww.amazon.com/…

BUT do not use the VERY popular Soy Protein powder that Vegans love…it is loaded with half a dozen “Anti-nutrients” like Oxalates, Phytates & Phyto-estrogen.

I don’t know what you are wanting or willing to do — but right off the top of my head, here is what I would recommend:

Eat very low carb (mostly meat, cheese, eggs & whey with a small amount of green veggies)…..then after 5 or 6 days, pee on a keto-stick and hopefully it will turn a fairly dark purple.

Then slowly add more veggies, seeds & nuts until you turn the keto-stix a very light purple (which means you are just producing a few ketones)…if this produces slow steady weight loss, then stick with it.

Then after a few weeks (depending on how you feel & how much weight you are losing) you might want to add a few more veggie carbs so you are just “outside” of being in ketosis.

Then after a few weeks “slip” back into ketosis for a while….again depending on how you feel & how the weight loss is coming.

In other words – keep peeing on the stix & keep playing around with being in ketosis & being out of ketosis, but close to being in ketosis…then eventually you will figure out which feels & works best.

Some folks get so jazzed (OK, me too) watching the stix turn purple, that they want to stay in deep ketosis continuously….which is fine, if you feel ok. I personally think it is good to ease out of ketosis every now & then. In fact many folks can have slow steady weight loss on a moderately low-carb diet, to where they are not even close to being in ketosis…especially if they exercise. Then there are “Carb-sensitive” people, like myself, that have to be in ketosis or right on the edge to lose weight.

As for any bad press about being in Ketosis…I don’t buy any of it because :

1.. Easily the #1 reason is because we evolved being in & out of Ketosis for long periods of time as “hunter-gatherers” ….so I feel sure Homo Sapiens-Sapiens will be healthier in the long run if they fluctuated between being in Ketosis & not being in Ketosis.

Much like how periods of starvation were common half a million years ago, when “gathering” on the Serengeti … so modern humans are INFINITELY more healthful if they Fast periodically.

2.. After nearly 45 years of being mostly on a Low-Carb diet, I have seen the powerful opposition use every dirty-trick & half-truth out there to destroy anything low-carb related.


  1. Vegans – I think most of the ‘rank & file’ are fairly ‘cool’ because I have many smart Vegan readers that are reasonable and don’t hate or want to kill meat-eaters…but the Vegan hierarchy will tell any lie to destroy meat-eaters.
  2. Wheat, Corn & Soy industry – refined Carbs are the #1 anti-low-carb foods.
  3. Pharmaceutical industry – High carb diet makes you sicker so you need more expensive drugs.
  4. Diabetes industry – All the wonderful folks at the Diabetes Association would be out of a job if everyone went LOW-CARB and stopped eating “Fat-Free, Whole-Grain Muffins”….Jesus??

3.. After 45 years of eating bacon & eggs – I’m 72 with zero heart blockage and I don’t take any damned Pharmaceuticals….and I’ve never met anyone that actually had a problem, even after decades of “Low-carbing”.

I really don’t recommend eating Bacon everyday but on Sunday morning a Cheese-Omelet & a “manly” ration of bacon can spiritually motivate you to connect with God and thank Him for giving us the noble Pig….because don’t we instinctively know, everything goes better with Bacon…. talk about “conspicuous consumption” we even wrap Bacon around our steak.

If you want more on doing the “Atkin’s Low-Carb Diet” SAFELY then read my paper LTR #003 · This is how *they* demonize the low-carb lifestyle .

I would be happy to help you with it, if you want some recommendations along the way for low carb dishes, etc…..like one of my fave’s below!

Coconut-Milk “Milk” Gravy….

Try making low carb “Milk” gravy with Coconut milk. I love it on steamed veggies & cube-steak (fried on low heat)…..cow-milk is high in milk-sugar so use canned coconut milk & use Almond flour instead of evil wheat flour.

Cook flour in lots of real butter…then add ccnut milk and stir. It takes about two or three times as much almond flour as opposed to the amount of wheat flour one might use. Even after stirring in the flour I still like to boil it down a little until it starts to get thicker….add salt & Pepper… then I let it cool so it will thicken up even more…..you see, it is hard to get it as thick as you think it needs to be because almond flour just doesn’t work so great, BUT WHEAT FLOUR is evil…so just use lots more almond flour….and let it cool.

When you add salt & LOTS of black pepper to the Coconut Milk gravy it makes the very subtle coconut taste, virtually disappear.

“Tip of the Day”…..try to use as much organic Black Pepper as you can (in everything possible) because it contains a magical substance called “Piperine” that increases absorption of many nutrients like CoQ-10 & Turmeric….that’s why you see it in some higher quality supplements, where the label might say… Featuring “Enhanced-Absorption”

When I eat poached Eggs they are so black with pepper that you can barely see any of the egg.


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