Liquid Ionic Magnesium…

by Alan Graham

Thanks Alan!
Have you heard of or what do you think of the pico or ionic (liquid) magnesium? It is my understanding (if it’s true) that it has a much higher absorption rate…

The following is in ref. to “Dr. Dean’s Pico-ion Magnesium” – but is applicable to all these Ionic supplements (in my opinion).

I don’t like Dr. Dean’s Pico-Ion Magnesium…and before you say “Your buddy, Mercola, endorses her Mag”…..STOP, no he doesn’t — he endorses her theories ref. Mag deficiency and the many ways Mag is used…..BUT, nowhere does he say her “Pico-Ion Mag” works best or even all that great.

Also, don’t point to the statement in the Mercola article that sounds like he is saying that you get 100% absorption with the Pico-Ion Mag…here is what Mercola said — “There’s no such thing as a 100% magnesium compound supplement (EXCEPT Pico-Ionic magnesium)”.

SO he is saying – there is NO compound that is 100% mag, except pico-ion…which is 100% mag , BUT NOT 100% absorbed.…it’s 100% mag because it is dissociated in liquid, so it is ALL magnesium – but that does not mean it is 100% absorbed, like Dr. Dean claims. In fact it is not absorbed nearly as well as Organic-Chelated minerals. And here’s why…………….

  1. .. “If you absorbed liquid ionic minerals rapidly at 100% there might be people dropping dead all over the place. Minerals are toxic metals so you only need a small amount in the blood, which means your body has several systems in place to slow-down absorption and make the mineral really “jump through hoops” to make it into the blood.”
  2. .. “Being an “ion” means it has an electrical charge, which means it will immediately stick to the opposite charged gut villi (little “hair-like” structures coating the gut) and will never be absorbed UNTIL the gut goes through a long (energy inefficient), slow process of coating the element with an amino-acid so the charge can drop to zero, allowing the coated mineral to slip through.”
  3. .. “But while it is being coated, the food, fiber, etc. is washing away the minerals and/or the natural “lawn mower, grass-cutting” effect of fiber clipping off the tips of the Intestinal-Villi (along with the minerals) to be washed away. So ionic minerals are not very well absorbed and that is probably a good thing.”
  4. .. The best absorbed are “Organic Chelated” minerals because they already come coated with an amino-acid (or some other Organic Cheletor) so you can skip that step & save energy & time. Glycinate (or Bis-glycinate) is rapidly becoming the most popular form of AAC (Amino-Acid-Chelation). I would certainly never use “INorganic Chelation” like Carbonate or Oxide.

BTW, mercola sells an Organic-Chelated mag (Threonate) – BUT he does not sell a liquid Ionic Mag….so what does that tell you? It tells me if the Ionic-Mag was absorbed at 100%, then mercola would likely sell it AND the mag-threonate, which is NOT absorbed at 100%.

Chelation-Mineral Ratio……I just said, mag-Threonate is not absorbed at 100%…BUT it is likely pretty close because “Threonate” is one of several Chelators (like Gluconate) that is at a (9 to1) ratio – and sometimes as high as a (12 to1) ratio. Which means it requires a LOT of chelation…which requires a big capsule, to get a fairly small amount of mineral…..<BUT> ….these Hi-Ratio-Chelators also (generally) means you get better absorption of the mineral…… this “rule” is not ‘etched-in-stone’.

Mag-Threonate — my favorite because it is the only form (SUPPOSEDLY) that crosses the BBB (Blood-Brain-Barrier) to do a better job of helping you relax when taken before bed and to remember where you left your car in the Walmart parking lot…but it is ridiculously expensive because it is the same patented formula (Magtein) used by all the different brands….the only diff. is some use the lubricate mag-STEARATES – this one doesn’t.

BUT…here is another POV from an amazon reviewer – and I suspect it may all be true, so you have to decide for yourself how ticked-off you are because this guy is robbing you.

  1. MgT was designed at MIT.
  2. Dr. Guosong Liu was a professor at MIT & received $5,000,000 in research funding
  3. The results of MIT’s $5,000,000 research funding resulted in:
    – a patent by a “private company”
    – a product of high profitability (retailing at “47 times” the average sales price of normal magnesium)
  4. MgT is owned/patented by Magceutics, Inc and marketed under the name MAGTEIN
  5. All MgT products sold are patented MAGTEIN proprietary compounds
  6. MAGTEIN is the sole and only product owned by Magceutics, Inc
  7. Dr. Guosong Liu is the co-founder of Magceutics, Inc
  8. After patenting MgT, Dr. Guosong Liu moved from MIT to Tsinghua University in Beijing
  9. The “Sole” & “Only” two mouse studies claiming cognitive benefit were performed at Tsinghua
  10. The first mouse study was published yet, later “retracted for errors” & republished
  11. The only 2 published studies worldwide and all references to MgT are co-authored by Dr. Guosong Liu
  12. To date, not a single independent research facility/university worldwide has chosen to investigate MgT’s potential benefit independently
  13. A Human Study is underway at Standford, yet with listed collaborator: “MAGCEUTICS, INC”
  14. Amazon’s Top Product Reviewers’ reviews provide detailed analysis of “competing” MAGTEIN products however, not medical research supporting/denying potential benefit.
  15. MgT’s patented, proprietary compound costs 47.8 times as much as normal magnesium.

I’m gonna keep using it – but I ain’t thrilled about it….you’re probably better off just sticking with Glycinate or Citrate.

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